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  •       MLS Coverage Area
  •       Daily and Hourly Emails
  •       Deal Access
  •       Criteria Based Search
  •       Comps: Active, Sold, Under Contract
  •       Investor Activity and Comps
  •       Save and Track Properties
  •       Live-Market Updates
  •       Wholesale Deal Marketing
  •       Off-Market Deal Analysis


97 / MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area

  • Daily and hourly

  • All Deals

  • One at a time

  • TOTAL VALUE = $4,893

  • Billed Monthly


870 / YEAR
  • Entire MLS coverage area

  • Daily only

  • New in the last 24 hrs.

  • Set by your Agent only

  • TOTAL VALUE = $6,243

  • Billed Yearly

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Privy works around the clock to analyze your new or local markets and sends you profitable deals, automatically. Schedule a demo wth us and we'll show you how you can have the Privy competitive advantage in less than 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions From Investors

Ron Klein — Investor - Los Angeles, CA


"Now I know what investors are actually doing! It gets me closer to making offers faster without having to hunt and peck for stuff. It speeds up the entire process. This is the next wave of where real estate investing is going."

Minuen May — Real Estate Investor - Baltimore, MD


"With Privy, I can find deals quickly and run my own comps. I don't have to wait around for a Realtor to help me."

Joe DiMaggio — Owner - Baltimore REIA


“For any serious real estate investor, this tool is a game changer. You have nothing to lose with this free webinar, and everything to gain. Only a limited number of seats are available, so I urge you to register now."


Patty Rhodes — Agent and Investor - Denver, CO


"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker."


Noel Renz — Agent - Denver, CO


"I spent around 40 hours/week sifting through the MLS looking for deals prior to Privy. With Privy, I spend around 10 hours each week. This is 75% less time! I find between 5 and 10 deals each week using Privy."


Close more deals in less time. 100% money-back, guaranteed.

Find deals fast, run comps and get after repair value (ARV) with the click of a button

We’re so confident that you will start to close more deals in less time with Privy that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Our users typically find deals in unexpected places. They also find deals on the MLS with the same or greater profit potential as off-market properties. Not only that, but many of our users says that they save hours a day compared to what they were doing before.

I know that once I started using Privy, I couldn’t imagine working any other way. We want you to be confident in your decision to add another paid tool to your real estate arsenal, so we’re willing to offer a Privy 30-day 100% money-back guaranteed.