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24/7 access to all of the deals in your market

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Close more deals with an Investor Standard account

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  • Deals from any and all zip codes, instead of just one.
  • Set up your own searches and daily hotlists based on your exact criteria.
  • ALL properties including all active, u/c and sold instead of just the last 24hrs.

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  • HOURLY deal emails, instead of just once a day.
  • Save and track properties so you can keep all your prospective deals in one place.
  • Off-market deal analysis. We’ve got you covered on wholesale, auction and other off-market deals.

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  •       MLS Coverage Area
    What areas of the market you have access to
  •       Daily and Hourly Emails
    How frequent Privy will send you emails with deals that match your criteria.
  •       Deal Access
    New deals in the Last 24 hours OR All deals
  •       Criteria Based Search
    Who set’s up and manages the search criteria. If it’s checked you have the control. Otherwise your agent is responsible.
  •       Comps: Active, Sold, Under Contract
    All the comps you need to quickly analyze a property.
  •       Investor Activity and Comps
    Activity and Comps of other investors in your search areas including before and after pictures, profit spreads, timelines and more.
  •       Save and Track Properties
    Ability to save and track properties so you’ll always be up to date.
  •       Live-Market Updates
    We show you up to the minute statistics on Active Deals in your market.
  •       Off-Market Deal Analysis
    Easy Analysis and all Comps for off-market properties.
  •       Wholesale Deal Marketing
    Market your wholesale or flip to the Privy community.


  • 1 zip code
  • Daily only
  • New in the last 24 hrs.
  • Set by your Agent only


  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Daily and hourly
  • All Deals


  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Daily and hourly
  • All Deals
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