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Noel Ann Renz — Investor - Denver, CO


“I am so in love with Privy right now!”

Ruth McElroy — Agent and Investor - Denver, CO


"With Privy you write more deals.”

Accuracy is not an option in real estate investing.

If your numbers are wrong it will cost you big time.

Every inch of Privy is designed with accuracy in mind. It's features are guaranteed to make you a smarter more confident investor and at the some time minimize the risks involved with real estate investing.

Find and Analyze

Finding deals and comps using Smart Zones and investor activity are easily the most accurate approach to locating and analyzing properties for their investment potential.

This same approach is equally important to determine when a property isn’t a deal. With Privy’s LiveCMA’s you can analyze properties and make intelligent decisions with next level accuracy in seconds.

Market Research

One of the most important things an investor can possess is market knowledge.

Where to buy, when to buy, when to sell and what type of investments are best for an area. This knowledge all to often comes from hearsay and is anything but accurate. With Privy’s powerful analytical features that can find and track investor activity in any market in seconds, you’ll no longer have to rely on hearsay as you'll be privy to up to the minute data that's cured to meet your individual needs.

Comps, Comps, Comps

Sold, Pending, Under-Contract, Active, Investor Activity

Privy’s comping algorithms are designed to pull relevant comps for specific deal types, within tight zones, display what other investors have done as well as match key features of the property being analyzed. This is all done automatically and within a fraction of a second. The results are highly accurate LiveCMA's (Comparative Market Analysis) with all the data you need and nothing you don’t. Analyzing properties with Privy is easy, accurate and fun!

What does this mean for you?

Save Time, Minimize Risk, Maximize Profit

Accuracy is everything. Without it you are constantly second guessing and taking unnecessary risks. With it, you'll gain a huge competitive advantage and the confidence you need to be a successful real estate investor. Stop taking risks and start making intelligent, confident decisions. Get Privy Today!


Ron Klein — Investor - Los Angeles, CA


"Now I know what investors are actually doing! It gets me closer to making offers faster without having to hunt and peck for stuff. It speeds up the entire process. This is the next wave of where real estate investing is going."

Minuen May — Real Estate Investor - Baltimore, MD


"With Privy, I can find deals quickly and run my own comps. I don't have to wait around for a Realtor to help me."

Joe DiMaggio — Owner - Baltimore REIA


“For any serious real estate investor, this tool is a game changer. You have nothing to lose with this free webinar, and everything to gain. Only a limited number of seats are available, so I urge you to register now."


Patty Rhodes — Agent and Investor - Denver, CO


"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker."


Noel Renz — Agent - Denver, CO


"I spent around 40 hours/week sifting through the MLS looking for deals prior to Privy. With Privy, I spend around 10 hours each week. This is 75% less time! I find between 5 and 10 deals each week using Privy."



Smarter Real Estate Investing

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