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Get investor client leads with the growth package

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•  UNLIMITED investor clients in the system 

•  Your branding on all of your investor hotlists

•  Live Profile lead generator*

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*All Privy users must select an agent when signing up. Those without an agent can choose from our growth agents’ profiles. Get unlimited investor leads when an investor chooses your profile when signing up.
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  •         MLS Coverage Area
    What areas of the market you have access to.
  •         Requires an active MLS ID
    Privy checks your Agent ID to make sure your license is active.
  •         Daily and Hourly Deal Emails
    How frequent Privy will send you emails with deals that match your criteria.
  •         Search Criteria
    Advanced search features not available on the MLS.
  •         Save and track properties
    Ability to save and track properties so you’ll always be up to date.
  •         LiveCMA™
    Access to Privy’s proprietary one click live comparative market analysis designed specifically for investment properties.
  •         Investor Comps
    Access to our exclusive investor comps that show before and after pictures, profit spreads, timelines and more.
  •          Live-Market Updates
    We show you up to the minute statistics on Active Deals in your market.
  •         Company Branding
    We display a photo of you or your logo on your user’s Privy Dashboard. They can view your contact information and click it to view your full profile.
  •         Off-Market Deal Analysis
    Easy Analysis and all Comps for off-market properties.
  •         Investor Clients
    Number of clients you can manage and market to using Privy.
  •         Live Profile Lead Generator
    Get leads from Privy users. When new users join Privy they need to select an agent to work with. As a “Growth” user, your profile will be displayed prompting users to select you.
  •         Email Branding
    All daily and hourly email updates sent to your investors are sent “Courtesy of You” and have your photo or logo,and contact information displayed.


$74/ MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Yes
  • Daily and hourly emails
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • 5 clients maximum
    *Tooltip goes here...


$149/ MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Yes
  • Daily and hourly emails
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Leads


$112/ MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Yes
  • Daily and hourly emails
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Leads
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