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Craig Renz — Investor - Baltimore REI


“The investor comps allow me to check out other flips, and see what’s working in the neighborhood. I can get a valuation within 30 seconds of looking at the page, instead of ten or fifteen minutes it takes to draw a radius and put your specs in there for comps."

John Dewy — Investor - Baltimore REIA


"Privy showed me what I could see nowhere else: the hold time on the property was most likely going to exceed my plans and destroy my profitability! Comparable investor/retail properties nearby were sitting on the market for nearly a year before selling! Thank you saved the day!"

The intelligent approach to real estate investing

Find Deals First, Minimize Risk, Make Better Decisions, Maximize Profits

Real estate investing can be overwhelming and confusing. The key is obtaining market knowledge and integrating it along with your needs into intelligent systems that will convert the universe of real estate data into near real time desired results that you can then take action on. This is VERY difficult to do without help. That’s why we developed Privy™.

Smart, Fast, & Accurate

Find Deals First, Minimize Risk, Make Better Decisions, Maximize Profits


Privy is Smart. VERY Smart. With features like Smart Zones, Hot Area Locator, Investor Activity searches, Investor Comps, "Deal Type" searches (Flip, pop-top, Tear-down) and of course realtime MLS comps Privy will not only find you the best deals to fit your specific skill set but will take your investment knowledge into the stratosphere.


There is a universe of real estate data out there. Breaking it down to useful information may seem daunting but with Privy it’s simple. Whether you are researching a new area, actively looking for deals or analyzing properties for profit potential, Privy will deliver the goods in real time.


Privy’s methodology for finding and analyzing deals, researching markets and pulling comps is head and shoulders above the competition. With features such as SmartZones, Hot Area Analysis, Investor Activity and Investor Comps, Privy is not only Smart and Fast but next level Accurate.

Noel Ann Renz — Investor - Denver, CO


“I am so in love with Privy right now!”

Ruth McElroy — Agent and Investor - Denver, CO


"With Privy you write more deals.”


Who should join privy?

  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Real Estate Wholesalers
  • Residential Investors looking to up their game
  • Anyone looking for a competitive edge in real estate investing
  • Residential Investors looking for strategies and tools that work
  • Real Estate agents that work with or want to work with investors

What our users are saying...

"10 Properties A Year With Privy™" — Chris Sanders
Ron Klein — Investor - Los Angeles, CA


"Now I know what investors are actually doing! It gets me closer to making offers faster without having to hunt and peck for stuff. It speeds up the entire process. This is the next wave of where real estate investing is going."

Minuen May — Real Estate Investor - Baltimore, MD


"With Privy, I can find deals quickly and run my own comps. I don't have to wait around for a Realtor to help me."

Joe DiMaggio — Owner - Baltimore REIA


“For any serious real estate investor, this tool is a game changer. You have nothing to lose with this free webinar, and everything to gain. Only a limited number of seats are available, so I urge you to register now."


Patty Rhodes — Agent and Investor - Denver, CO


"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker."


Noel Renz — Agent - Denver, CO


"I spent around 40 hours/week sifting through the MLS looking for deals prior to Privy. With Privy, I spend around 10 hours each week. This is 75% less time! I find between 5 and 10 deals each week using Privy."



Smarter Real Estate Investing

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